There’s not necessarily any clear vision or specific plan for this site at this stage although it’ll broadly follow on from the old United Eye site I ran in the past. I support Manchester United, I spend much of my life rambling on about football and I’d like to think I have some interesting insight to offer occasionally. I’m a football coach and I have worked as a performance analyst but my plan for this site isn’t necessarily to produce an endless stream of tactical dissections or write pretentious articles about portly Trequartistas and Roaming False Lateral Sasquatches. There’s plenty of that elsewhere and it has its place but that stuff isn’t really for me anymore.

This may result in twice-daily posts or you may not see anything from me for a fortnight at a time but I’ll try my best to keep the good times rolling.

Content may range from a carefully thought out 7,000 word essay to a shameless list that offers nothing of interest at all but hopefully there’ll be plenty for the whole family to enjoy once it’s all really up and rolling.

If you’ve ever got any questions or suggestions, you can find me on twitter: @DiscoVolante88